Issues and Concerns for Spring

December 13, 2008


Kindness Not Cruelty is a resource directory addressing animal cruelty and environmental issues and concerns. This site will provide you with information and ways you can help make change for the better. This page highlights issues and concerns that you should be aware of around spring time.


Spring Greetings


Easy Spring Outreach Ideas

Earth Day – April 22nd – Help Save the Planet


Wildlife Baby Boom The Humane Society of the United States receives an increase in calls this time of year from panicked homeowners who have stumbled across wildlife babies in their yards, attics, sheds, garages and yards. Before you scoop up a young animal, check this page first to determine if the animal really needs your help.

Spring Cleaning With spring comes the tradition of spring cleaning, and your home and sanctuary are great places to roll up your sleeves and begin—with an eye out for the health and safety of your wild neighbors, of course.

Spring Cleaning? Donate Fur Garments to Wildlife in Need Did you know you can donate these items to be used to help comfort orphaned and injured wildlife? The Humane Society of the United States sends all furs to wildlife rehabilitators, who use them as bedding and nesting material for the animals in their care. All donations are tax-deductible.

Found an Injured or Orphaned Animal? Guidance and helpful tips from The Humane Society of the United States

Help…I found a baby bunny! Have you found a rabbit? Many rabbits nest in yards and are likely to get run over with lawnmowers, struck by weedwhackers or caught by pet dogs or cats. Please check around your yard *first* for these little ones.

Rabbits and Easter Don’t Mix Humane organizations such as House Rabbit Society see a huge increase in the number of abandoned rabbits after Easter. Help us stop this yearly cycle by educating yourself and others.

Make Mine Chocolate Campaign Educating the public about proper care for rabbits and to encourage them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies (or stuffed toy animals) rather than live rabbits.

Easter Bunny Sweets and Treats Out-Hop Bunny Rabbits as Top Easter Gift  New survey by the National Confectioners Association reveals that Americans prefer candy bunnies to live rabbits 20-to-one. 

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