Snapping Turtle

August 23, 2009


Snapping Turtle




It was after 9 pm on August 22, 2009 when we were heading toward the town of Littlestown, Pennsylvania on route 97. We were on our way home from spending time with my folks near Gettysburg. So, we were driving along as usual and all of a sudden I saw something in the road and was like, “There’s something in the road! It’s a turtle!”.

We found the snapping turtle about a 1/2 mile before entering into town. It was in the middle of the right-hand lane and it was pitch black. I put the flashers on and urged my hubby to hurry up and turn around – fearing more cars were coming around the corner. I jumped out, ran over and picked up this huge turtle – by the shell, with my hands toward the back. They will bite of course, when they feel threatened. I have heard they are dangerous on land but graceful in their watery home.

So, now I was holding this huge turtle who was not happy and was like, “Where am I going to put him?”. My hubby suggested putting him near a pond at the entrance of Littlestown which is where he most likely came from. We placed him on a blanket in the trunk and drove to an open field by the pond – there used to be a car dealership here.

We placed our lost friend in the grassy field near the pond. We watched for a minute but he wasn’t ready to move on yet. I’m sure he was in shock and very disoriented.

I am so glad that we were able to save his life and hope that he won’t end up back in the road. I am so glad that we were coming down the road, saw him and were able to get him to safety — had it been someone else; who knows if they would have seen it in time? who knows if they would have stopped to help? who knows if they would have cared like I do?


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